Yvonne Fahy

Yvonne Fahy is a multi instrumentalist. She is also a member of the chart topping Trad Rock group 'Furry Village' and regularly tours with the 'Máirin Fahy Band'.

From an early age, Yvonne played bodhrán , whistles and accordion and went on to win many All-Ireland titles. Yvonne continues to expand her musical talent by experimenting and composing melodic arrangements and rhythmic accompaniment playing keyboards, guitar, bass , bouzouki and percussion.

In recent years, Yvonne's many original compositions include seven tracks on her new album 'Pulse of the Earth';  the sound track to the BBC commissioned programme entitled '1798 Rebellion' and more recently, the iTunes country chart topping song entitled 'The One for Me'.

Yvonne has performed and recorded with many artists including: The Lord of the Dance, Warner recording pop band from Switzerland 'TinkaBelle'  and the Sony recording Spanish rock group 'Revolver'.






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